Kerala Ayurveda Ltd.

Kerala Ayurveda is a dynamic company offering traditional Ayurvedic products, services and education to the US and global markets. Our mission is to integrate traditional Ayurvedic wisdom and healing with scientific research to bring natural sustainable wellness solutions across the globe. Our purpose is to serve as an authentic source of Ayurvedic education, research and community health care. And our commitment is to bring the highest caliber of academic excellence to the US and abroad.


Kerala Ayurveda is a full spectrum Ayurvedic company with a footprint that spans academies, products, research, clinics, hospitals, resorts and services. KAL has a successful operating record of over 60 years and connects back to the 5000 year old heritage of Ayurveda. It was established by the renowned Ayurveda Acharya, the late KGK Panicker, on the banks of the Periyar, and is one of the most reliable names in Ayurveda healthcare today.


KAL has undertaken the mission of “Evolving Ayurveda”, so as to adapt to the requirements of the modern world without losing its original teachings and practices. The vision is to develop contemporary medicines for a global audience, by marrying the authentic, Kerala Herbal tradition with modern scientific methodologies. These medicines will be validated through rigorous clinical trials evaluated on the three key tents of safety, purity and efficacy. Therefore KAL has assembled on the strongest global research teams to develop and deliver holistic health solutions for various ailments.


Having one of the largest herbal gardens in India, with a collection of over 1200 species, the team produces “gold standard” purified active healthcare ingredients from natural origins, for use in dietary supplements, foods, beverages and cosmetics. The modern GMP certified manufacturing facility produces a total of 350 classical and proprietary herbal formulations. Some of these products are currently available in the US markets under the label of Suveda.


With 30 clinics, 4 hospitals, and 2 retreat centers through out India, Kerala Ayurveda sees a staggering 70,000 patients a year. The Kerala Ayurveda Academy established in Kochi passes on the authentic Kerala Ayurveda practices that have been preserved in its ancient purity through out the centuries. Over the years the Academy has lived its mission of generating quality Ayurvedic practitioners to perform Ayurveda for the benefit of humanity. The expansion of the Academy into the US is KAL’s first foreign foray and has such a rapid growth that it is now a source of pride. It is Kerala’s focus is to provide our global students with the best education resources embedded in authenticity.