Kerala Ayurveda River Retreat

Our Kerala River Retreat is the best of where nature meets Ayurveda focusing on Panchakarma, rejuvenation and stress management programs with specialties in arthritis, lower back pain, obesity, depression, infertility and impotency, and women’s health care.


This beautiful property offers 8 luxury rooms, 6 suites, 10 deluxe rooms and 8 treatment rooms all facing the placid river. Our guest facilities include and exclusive vegetarian restaurant, yoga meditation hall, pharmacy, on call doctor, gym and fitness center, jogging and walking track, internet café, library, herbal garden, recreational sports, and travel desk.


Nature is the best healer and the Kerala River Reterat is crafted as an opulent destination for Ayurvedic wellness at the most pristine, meditative and rejuvenating location aside the Peryiya River. Life in Kerala evolved on the banks of this mighty river and Ayurveda in Kerala has been flowing for over five millennia, bestowing mankind with wellness naturally.


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