Financial aid

Ayurveda is all about achieving one’s full potential through a harmonious and full filling life. We acknowledge that all our students come to us with skills and accomplishments they can be proud of. Celebrating this fact, we have developed the concept of WORK STUDY.


In Work Study, students can involve themselves in the life of the Academy by working in the areas they are skilled in to support the growth of the Academy. Thus some give time as graphic designers, as administrative assistants, or help manage digital space etc. We are grateful for help and show this materially by paying for services rendered up to 25% of tuition fees.


We also extend formal internships to some students, giving them the opportunity to help delivering Ayurvedic teachings and practical healing services. As a work intern one would maintain case sheets, help prepare medicines, assist in techniques and support the wellness center daily workings. A stipend for tuition is given based on time and effort provided.