Career prospects

Ayurveda has become very well known globally, it is a part of a new movement towards global medicine that includes the best developments from the whole world. There are many job opportunities for an Ayurvedic Practitioner. Ayurvedic practitioners can start their own practices, start retail shops, develop Ayurvedic herbal products, food companies or cosmetics lines. They can become leaders in the nutrition movement as a nutrition counselor or a lifestyle guide to improve the life of others. One could also find employment at wellness centers, physician’s offices, yoga studios or holistic spas.


If you are a writer, you could start your own Ayurvedic publication or work in the research and development aspect of Ayurveda. If you lean towards academics and explore in-depth studies or begin a career in teaching. A lot of students are interested in the health and beauty aspects of Ayurveda and open spas or retreat centers globally. Other licensed health care practitioners engage in Ayurveda to enhance their current practice attracting a broad client base. Massage therapists deepen their knowledge and expand their work by introducing Ayurvedic body techniques to their clients.


The opportunities are endless with the current global health crisis. By entering the field of Ayurvedic medicine you will reconnect the mind, body and spirit, finding solutions for the imbalances in your client’s life. The more and more people are becoming invested in a healthy lifestyle, the more the opportunities will grow.