Kerala Ayurveda Hospital, Aluva

Kerala Ayurveda Ltd is on of the oldest Ayurvedic groups and has 30 clinics and 4 Hospitals throughout India. KAL sees a staggering of 70,000 patients a year. The Kochi Hospital is a green leaf certified full service hospital delivering affordable healing to patients from across the globe. It offers doctor consultation, in-house Ayurvedic medicines and over 45 Ayurvedic therapies by doctors and therapists who are trained in the KAL Academy in Kochi, Kerala.


This unique Ayurvedic hospital has excellent infrastructure to accommodate forty patients at a time for the rendering of all Ayurvedic treatments. Eminent doctors and trained paramedical staff work around the clock to provide the best care to the patient. KAL Hospital strictly adheres to the age old traditional practices of Kerala Ayurveda, focusing on the curative, eliminative and wellness aspects of health, which are scientifically designed to cater to individual needs.


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